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John Richoux is a Los Angeles based 800 production designer with 10+ years of experience in media design.

After graduating Louisiana State University with a focus on theater, John spent the next 4 years traveling extensively around the world. These travels have continued throughout his career, taking him to all 7 continents, well over 100 countries, and providing a wellspring of inspiration in the process.

Richoux began his film career a decade ago in New Orleans as a leadman before working his way to Production Designer with 60+ feature film credits to his name. Since moving to LA, Richoux and his crew have been consistently working and in demand across the commercial, music video, and motion picture landscape.

John‘s design work has led to 20 MTV VMA nominations as well as a 2021 Grammy Nomination for best video. John has been personally nominated twice for “Best Art Direction” at the MTV music awards taking home a moon man for “Best Art Direction” for Ariana Grande – 7 Rings as well as the 2021 Music Video of The Year for Lil Nas X – Montero.